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Join the America and Me Political ThinkTank. Our combined
efforts can help build a better Future For America.

The American Dream, our Forefathers, and the Future of America.

Our goal is to inform, enlighten and entertain you, while we look at our past and our future as Americans. Welcome to America and Me. With the word, “me” in the title it takes on a personal meaning, because YOU are the ME in America And Me. There are people who care, and we feel that you deserve the best quality of life that we can maintain. There are any number of avenues or directions you can turn to at America and Me. Knowledge and encouragement go hand in hand. It is our hope to grow with you as we advance along the road of life.

AmericaAndMe.Org came into being on November 11, 2011. Veterans Day. As you will note we are dedicated to the belief that the veterans who have fought for and de-fended our country deserve our respect and gratitude. If I could, I would give every veteran two votes per election. They truly know the meaning of Freedom. With that said, I also feel every American has been truly blessed. Let us not waste that for the lack of being true to ourselves, and standing up for what is right in the sight of man and God.

We welcome you again to our portal, where you will see many things from our past and hopefully you will find new pathways to a fulfilling future. Know well that you are welcome to visit us at anytime. We have Facebook, Linkedin, and our BLOG for interaction, and we welcome your thoughts, as well as your views. Our hope is to grow with you, having a renewed hope about tomorrow and being of good cheer.

Very Truly,

Tex R. Kline
Founder, AAMO -

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