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US Constitution

Other than the Declaration of Independence, which told England we were no longer to be colonies and we would be free, the most important document directly related to all the laws of our country is the Constitution of the United States. There have been debates, interpretations, filibusters, and even a great war fought over the validity of some of the sections of this great document. We have the Supreme Court, the highest in the land, who interprets all final matters of constitutionality concerning laws the states themselves write. If we could only go back to basics and read it for what it is, a guide to the great freedoms we enjoy.

This page is dedicated to letting people know what the Constitution is all about. It will serve as an educational page, as well as an alert page. It will let the people of this great country know when their is a serious threat to their basic rights and freedoms. We will be posting a preface from our founder, Tex R. Kline, on what the Constitution means to him. Below, we include links to some of the great constitutional sites.

The US Constitution was not the first document of law in the United States. The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was the first. The above document came into being at a convention designed to revise the Articles of Confederation. On February 21, 1787 the Constitutional Convention convened. The deliberation began in May of 1787 with twelve of the original 13 states sending representatives. 55 members attended the event. After many months of deliberation and attempts at ratification, the document was finally put into action on September 13, 1788. Rhode Island, the final state of the original 13, ratified it in May of 1790.

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The US Constitution (This is not the .gov government site, but a great resource.)

American Constitution Society (Very good about the constitutional issues of today)

Constitution of the United States (This is the official government site)

The US Constitution Online (Resources about the Constitution for everyone)

Constitution Society (This organization is about anything concerning the history)

The US Supreme Court (The interpretive group of the US Constitution)

The U S House of Representatives (One of the two houses of Congress)

The U S Senate (The second house of Congress)