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Our Theories on What’s Up

The America and Me community will have the opportuntiy to place ideas and views on our blogs and forums. This is the place we will opine, right here in the middle of everything. Our views on the happenings of the world will be delivered in short articles, highlighted with strong opinion about the state of the nation, where we’re heading if we don’t start working together for positive change, and what our opinion is if we can’t.

(Note: These are opinions based on what we perceive as fact. We do not tell one to believe everything we say or believe, as we want all of our participants to be independent thinkers, not lemmings leaping into the sea — a misnomer by the way. Lemmings are rodents who reach population density much like rats, then scurry in all directions looking for food. Does that sound like anyone we know?)

These will be the opinions of the founder, Tex R. Kline.