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Veteran's Information

For all of you who served so honorably in our armed services during peacetime and in war, we at America and me salute you. This part of the site is for you, the veteran. There will be links to information, special sites, and other places of interest. As we get stories collected from you, we will set up special places on this site where those will be put. We hope this meets your needs and helps you in your endeavors.

Links to Information, Foundations, and Organizations

U S Department of Veterans Affairs

National Association of Senior Veterans

U S Dept of Veterans Affairs - Veterans Benefits

Disabled Veterans National Foundation

Gulf Coast Vietnam Veterans Salute

Official Flag Code and Etiquette

Arlington National Cemetary

Angel Flight- The Return of our Fallen Heroes

Pakistani safe havens hinder Afghan war: US

Veterans Hand Salute Wearing Civilian Clothing
Here is an update for the American Veterans. We want to share the latest news pertaining to flag etiquette for the United States. In 2009 President Bush signed into law, as part of the Nation Defense Act of 2009, a new provision for veterans. It states, that veterans out of military uniform may now do the hand salute in respect to all observances of our flag. The hand salute may be used during the pledge of allegiance, singing of the national anthem, colors passing in review, as well as when colors are being posted. If you are wearing a hat, it should be placed to your left shoulder so that your hand will then be over your heart. Your service to your country will be duly noted. You are not only invited to participate in this manner, but hopefully you will show way for others.

We know that year in and year out, the 99% of Americans are protected by the 1% of our population that makes up our military services.

  DVA Veteran Hand Salute pdf

Special Extra Earnings for Military Service

Please make yourself aware of this compensation for Veterans thru the Social Security System.